LUX is a project mandated by BBDO & Proximity. The brief was to create an avatar that would represent football fans all around the world. This avatar has as a goal to unify people, so it shouldn’t be related to any kind of hate, religions or politics. Also this avatar must be genderless, recognizable and finally universal. The name of LUX was also chosen in relation with the light that will inspire others to join.

The concept that I wanted to express was the fact that whenever it comes to football, the first memory that we have of it always comes from the childhood, this is the reason why LUX is acting like a child.

The idea was to be able to create a shape that would represent football and light at the same time. For the football we all have in mind the universal symbol of a ball. But for the light it was something difficult because you cannot represent something not tangible. But with the imagination of a child we can easily think of it as a sparkle, like a small star.

Finally, LUX needed a story for people to be able to relate to it. It helped to create a personality to LUX and to know it better.